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Interview With Jason Kraft; Dethrone Central Valley All-Stars Head Coach

22 May

Andres Cervantes was on hand to capture training footage, and Interview Dethrone Central Valley All-Stars… head Wrestling coach Jason Kraft. The team will be competing in the ‘America’s Cup’, this Memorial Day weekend.


Marty Garabedian

Dethrone Base Camp

UPC 15 Results; Evangelista vs Bucia

15 May


Dethrone Base Camp, big winners Saturday night at UPC 15.

Last Saturday night at  Sierra Sport & Racquet Club, five fighters representing Dethrone Base Camp stepped into the cage, with all five walking out winners. The card was headlined by Dethrone’s Billy Evangelista.

Evangelista (12-2), fighting for the first time in 18 months, defeated Zak Bucia (10-5) via unanimous decision. Majority of the fight was controlled by Evangelista, fighting in the clinch and using a steady mix of take downs, Bucia would find himself on his back most of the night. Evangelista working in his opponent’s guard, patiently and methodically worked in elbows and punches. By the third round Bucia would be cut open…his one moment on offense, was an attempted rear naked choke, which was defended perfectly

Top MMA prospect Chris Honeycutt improved his record to (2-0) defeating Richard Blake, via rear naked choke, at 2:20 of round 1. Honeycutt came out poised for only his second pro fight… firing a head kick at Blake, and showing off his athleticism with an attempted superman punch, just missing his mark. Honeycutt would Stick to his bread and butter, securing a take down, controlling Blake on the ground and eventually sinking in the choke for the win.


Making successful pro MMA debuts, were Nick Bustamante (1-0), who like Evangelista found success in grappling…having no issues transiting from side control to mount, Bustamante sunk in the Von Flue choke putting his opponent to sleep in the second round. George Zuniga (1-0), enjoyed the size and speed advantage, able to muscle his opponent around the cage, pushing him against the fence…Zuniga would land a variety of strikes, mixing in elbows, knees and punches. Sticking to this game plan throughout the fight, Zuniga would go on to win a unanimous decision.

PJ Reyna (18-0), kept his ‘Pankration” record perfect, with a dominating unanimous decision win. All three rounds had Reyna taking his opponent down and outclassing him on the mat.

Marty Garabedian

Dethrone Base Camp

below there’s a link to Chris Honeycutt’s fight, and various interviews from Saturday’s card.

AKA Head Trainer; Bob Cook

Dethrone’s amateur fighter; PJ Reyna

Dethrone’s pro fighter; Chris Honeycutt

Dethrone’s pro fighter; Nick Bustamante

Up & Comers 15; Evangelista vs Bucia

11 May

MMA returns to Fresno this evening, Sierra Health & Racquetball Club will play host to Up & Comers 15; Evangelista vs Bucia. Six fighters including Strikeforce veteran Billy Evangelista, will be representing Dethrone Base Camp.

Looking to snap a career first, two fight losing streak…Evangelista (11-2), returns to the cage after an 18 month hiatus. His opponent a native of San Francisco, fighting out of Team Dragon House, Zak Bucia (10-4). Bucia brings a dangerous ground game, where 7 of his 10 wins come by way of submission.

Also appearing on the card, one of MMA’s top prospects and two-time NCAA All American Chris Honeycutt (1-0). Looking for his second win in his young career, Honeycutt faces MMA veteran, Richard Blake (11-22). Making their pro debuts are Welterweight/Lightweight Nick Bustamante and Middleweight George Zuniga. The nights opening fights consist of two young promising fighters, Ricky Perez and PJ Reyna…Reyna will be fighting under Pankration rules which he holds an unblemished (17-0) record. 

Doors Open at 5pm.

-Marty Garabedian

below are interviews and some training footage of the fighters, as well as a few words from UFC veteran Josh Koscheck.

UFC veteran and Dethrone fighter Josh Koscheck, answers a few questions about tonight’s card, and the future of Dethrone Base Camp.

Top MMA Prospect Chris Honeycutt.

Making his pro debut Nick Bustamante.

Also making his pro debut George Zuniga.

Future of Dethrone PJ Reyna.

UP & Comers 15 Weigh Ins

11 May

Dethrone Base Camp’s; Andres Cervantes was on hand at Buffalo Wild Wings for the Up & Comers 15 Weigh Ins. All six Dethrone fighters were on weight, ready to put on a great show tonight.

Doors open at 5pm, Sierra Sport & Racquet Club.

John Salter Cruises To Victory Over Fred Weaver

1 May

This past Saturday night in Tuscaloosa, Alabama…John Salter improved his overall record to (9-3), defeating Fred Weaver in the main event of Strikehard 23.

Salter just needed under two minutes securing a TKO victory via ground and pound. Salter would start the fight with a pair of leg kicks, which would lead to Weaver trying to initiate a clinch against the cage, thus being his only offense of the fight. Salter not wasting much time would reverse the position and circle back to the middle of the Octagon, where he would shoot in and secure a single leg take down.

From there it would be all Salter, controlling the ground with dominate positions. Applying the crucifix, Salter landed up to 70 unanswered short right hands, softening up his opponent. Weaver would shake off an attempted Key lock, but couldn’t avoid a quick transition to full mount, Salter would finish up his impressive performance with punishing strikes to the head, which caused the ref to step in at 1:38 of round 1.