John Salter Cruises To Victory Over Fred Weaver

1 May

This past Saturday night in Tuscaloosa, Alabama…John Salter improved his overall record to (9-3), defeating Fred Weaver in the main event of Strikehard 23.

Salter just needed under two minutes securing a TKO victory via ground and pound. Salter would start the fight with a pair of leg kicks, which would lead to Weaver trying to initiate a clinch against the cage, thus being his only offense of the fight. Salter not wasting much time would reverse the position and circle back to the middle of the Octagon, where he would shoot in and secure a single leg take down.

From there it would be all Salter, controlling the ground with dominate positions. Applying the crucifix, Salter landed up to 70 unanswered short right hands, softening up his opponent. Weaver would shake off an attempted Key lock, but couldn’t avoid a quick transition to full mount, Salter would finish up his impressive performance with punishing strikes to the head, which caused the ref to step in at 1:38 of round 1.


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