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Dethrone Base Camp; Belt Promotions

25 Jun

This past Saturday, four Dethrone members were awarded belt promotions:

Jesus Casas-Blue Belt

Chris Baker-Blue Belt

Ralph Mendoza-Blue Belt

Able Santos-Purple Belt

Also a special congratulations to Able Santos, for becoming Dethrone Base Camp’s first home grown Purple Belt. He’s been with the Gym since the opening in August of 2009.

Marty Garabedian

Dethrone Base Camp

Interview With Dethrone Brown Belt: Brian Gonzalez

22 Jun


DBC– How long have you been in Jiu-Jitsu, and who did you receive your brown belt under?

BG– I’ve been training Jiu-Jitsu consistently for almost 7 years. I’ve received all of my belt promotions from Ted Stobie, he’s a Camarillo black belt with somewhere around 15 years experience in Jiu-Jitsu.

DBC– Which “style” of the art would you recommend and why?

BG– When it comes to styles of BJJ there are many choices and ways to view them. There are styles that train specifically for “sport Jiu-Jitsu” with points and rules, as well as styles which are tailored to an “MMA” aspect of the art, but third would be a system designed for “self-defense” to use in an every day real life environment. Myself being someone whom has had to use my training in multiple scenarios see the value in all aspects of training. Now when referring to the best practitioners I’d have to say Rodolpho Vierra would be someone I’d model my game around due to his persistent guard passing and ability to finish the fight from anywhere at any time.

DBC- How’s your experience been with Dethrone, and what are some of the positives you’ve seen with the Jiu-Jitsu program?

BG– Dethrone has been very good to me. These guys bring in top athletes they can find in hopes to give their students the best chance to improve their skills. There is a wide variety of guys on the mat every day, you have recreational students all the way to competition driven students. So no matter what intensity of training you want that day, someone there will be a more than suitable partner. The program is constantly growing and with enough personal drive you can progress as far as you want. And you can count on high a level of quality instruction in all classes.

DBC– You mentioned BJJ helps for “self-defense” purposes in real life situations, would you say it’s not only important for someone who’s a police officer or bouncer…but just your average every day person?

BG– I’d definitely say its a beneficial art for anyone from young kids to adults whom find themselves in a variety of different environments. These days I feel you can’t be too prepared for any situation. I don’t feel you need to walk around with an ass kicking ego by any means, but a sense of confidence and self reliance can really carry someone in many aspects of their life from a walk down a dark street to a meeting with business superiors. Being able to look someone in the eye and have a little extra confidence goes a long way. So, I’d say its not only practical for a physical confrontation, but also has a place in numerous non-violent real world scenarios.

DBC– Does your 10 am class have a variety of belt level grapplers? Besides yourself, whom are some other high level grapplers in your class?

BG– The 10 am class has a variety of bodies. On any given morning you can find every color of the BJJ belt system on the mat. No one should be worried about not finding a quality training partner in the mornings, there’s a number of people at all different skill levels helping to grow the morning class. Now when looking for some serious talent, occasionally we get lucky enough to have John Salter-brown belt on the mat. I’ve trained with a lot of good players but that guy is not only a top quality training partner on the mat but also from what I’ve seen, a super nice guy with zero ego off the mat. Ted Stobie-black belt, he’s an awesome training partner and the guy makes everyone around him better. And if you have kids, he’s “The One” you want teaching them. He has a special way of getting the most out of a kid and he’s the best at it in the valley if you ask me. It’s probably due to his true passion for the kids and it shows. There are numerous other guys that are on the mat, but one guy in particular comes to mind if you’re looking a tough fight on any day, Scott Barnes blue belt is always game, one of the reasons why you can’t judge a belt by its color and in my opinion one of the most motivated and quality rolls you’ll get anywhere.

DBC– Could you break down how your morning class works, is it 2 hours of rolling, or technique?

BG– The morning classes consist of more mat time than anything. Mat time is of an equal importance in training once you’ve broken into a colored belt area. As for new white belts that show up, they receive instruction on basics and fundamentals to get them to a solid understanding of the art. Not to say there isn’t instruction, but it’s done with a Q&A style, meaning: get your important mat time and those specific scenarios that happen which give you trouble should be the basis of your question/’s to ask in order for you to develop you game further while making ground on improvements.

Marty Garabedian
Dethrone Base Camp Fresno


Jiu Jitsu By The Sea

17 Jun


Congratulations to the Dethrone-Synergy Jiu Jitsu team, for medaling this past weekend at the Jiu Jitsu By The Sea. Coach Ted Stobie continues to keep his students well prepared for competition.


Ralph Mendoza-Gold

Celeste Gage-Gold

Terry Glamm-Gold

Josh Mendoza-Gold

John Smith-Silver

Celine Gage-Silver

Emma Steinhardt-Bronze



Marty Garabedian…Dethrone Base Camp

Highlights From “America’s Cup”

7 Jun

The Dethrone Central Valley All-Stars Wrestling team, led by Dethrone head Wrestling coach Jason Kraft, attended the “America’s Cup” in Southern California. With a collection of some of the top Middle School Wrestlers in the Valley. The tournament consisted of 18 All-Star teams from all over the country, Team Dethrone finished with an impressive 9-0 record defeating a stacked team from Idaho.

thanks to Andres Cervantes for the video.

Marty Garabedian

Dethrone Base Camp