Chris Honeycutt wins vacant middleweight title

22 Jul



  Former Edinboro All-American Wrestler Chris Honeycutt, won the vacant UPC Middleweight title, this past Saturday night at Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa in Rancho Mirage, Calif.  Honeycutt having a successful amateur wrestling career, has been labeled one of the top prospects in MMA.  Six months into his young career, he hasn’t disappointed, compiling a (3-0) record, and winning the first Up & Comers title.

  Unlike his first two fights, this wasn’t an easy win for Honeycutt, his opponent was Manny Murillo (5-2) a product of Team Quest and a sparring partner of Dan Henderson. It would be the grappling of Honeycutt that would carry him to a unanimous decision win.

  Murillo’s best round of the fight came in the first, a round he’d win, where he scored a few big take downs. Rounds 2-5, Honeycutt’s superior and relentless grappling would take over, wearing his opponent down mid-way through the fight…Honeycutt would score takedowns and mix in some clean and effective ground and pound.

Below is a link to the fight:


Marty Garabedian

Dethrone Base Camp





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