Exclusive Interview With Mike Garabedian

3 Oct


DBC– Thanks for taking time out and answering some questions.


Mike Garabedian– Anytime, thanks for the interview.


DBC– When did you get involved with the Gym? And what are some of the responsibilities you’ve held at DBC?


Mike GarabedianI became involved with the gym approximately four years ago when it first opened.  I thoroughly enjoy the stand up classes as boxing is what was prevalent during my growing up years.  I now truly admire the wrestler, grappler’s and JJ folks but am hesitant to take these classes because of my age .

I feel that much of the enjoyment I get at DBC is working with younger men and trying to be a bit of an example to not give up. Also at the same time I receive so much energy being around  the younger crowd as this energy spills over to me.

Currently I truly enjoy being around Kos and the pro fighters at fighter training and do what I can to contribute. These guys work so hard and that is inspiring also.


DBC– You’ve been around the Gym since the opening, what differences have you seen from then to now?


Mike GarabedianI have been fortunate to have four different stand up coaches and they have all been very good.  Currently have Coach Noro and he is the best.

What I see different is that there are many people that have become good friends and each segment of the gym whether boxing, grappling, wrestling, JJ and kickboxing have solid followings  It is amazing that Coaches Ted Stobble and John Salter have put together such solid followings.


DBC– Has there been a particular favorite sparring moment you can recall?


Mike GarabedianI truly enjoy watching the pros do their sparring.  All those moments are my favorites as I get a chance to see up close how difficult it is to be a fighter. Funny thing is they are all great guys when they are not fighting and are very respectful. I will never forget chasing Billy Evangelista around and just trying to touch him somewhere, anywhere but he was already gone every time I tried. Humbling and embarrassing.


DBC– Which young fighter/s from Dethrone, are you most interested in seeing their potential development?


Mike Garabedian Tuff question  As far as the younger guys climbing the ladder I am interested in Nick Bustamante, Chris Honeycutt, George Zuniga as they are just beginning their careers


DBC– You grew up watching Boxing, whom were some of your favorite fighters over the years?


Mike Garabedian Cant take anything away from Mayweather.  I grew up watching Sugar Ray Robinson, Rocky Marciano, Archie Moore, Carmen Basilio, Cassius Clay and so many others I love boxing.  It is like a dance.


DBC– Usually the MMA fan base is dominated by the male demographic, between the ages of 18-40, what intrigued you about MMA?


Mike GarabedianI really enjoy the stand up portion, striking and kicking as it is closer to boxing. What really intrigues me is the intensity of the sport, the participating fighters and their mindset.

I was involved in car racing for many many years and there is much similarity.  You must be tuff, brave, focused, dedicated and hate to lose.

At the same time even though there are trainers for fighting and pit crews for racers when it comes down to it they are all by themselves playing for all the marbles. No gutter balls or mulligans.  I like that . Playing for all the marbles and putting it all on the line by themselves.


DBC– You may be in your 70’s, but you’re in the gym taking Kickboxing classes, what gives you that motivation?


Mike Garabedianbe 73 in a few months. The motivation for me is to see how close I can come to keeping up with the young guys.In reality it is very difficult to do but it gives me a benchmark.  I love the coaches, the people I train with.  Have slowed down some but at the same time come to realize I m not in my 20’s anymore.




DBC– Last question before I let you go, you held a unique job for many years, could you elaborate more on it?


Mike GarabedianI had an 8-5 job that allowed me to have a lot of freedom so I could support my Family, etc.

At the same time I traveled all over the USA, Canada, and Mexico as what we in those days called a weekender as a crewman on various racing teams. That meant flying red eyes on Thursday nights to go somewhere in the USA to work a race and fly red eyes home Sunday Night to be at work in my honest job Monday.

I had the privilege of going over the wall as a tire changer or refueler for 20 Indy 500s and was on a Indy 500 winning team in 1968(Bobby Unser)as a right rear tire changer.

I truly truly loved auto racing but time passes by.  Now I get to enjoy much of the same intensity being involved with DBC.



Marty Garabedian-

Dethrone Base Camp


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