US Open XVIII Results; Dethrone finishes with 12 medalist

21 Oct


The US Open BJJ tournament was held over this past weekend in Santa Cruz, CA.  Competitors from various gyms across the Country competed, with Dethrone collecting 12 medals. Represented by the Visalia Chapter Dethrone Synergy Academy, and Dethrone Base Camp, the medalist ranged from kids to adults.  The Jiu Jitsu program continues to improve, with hard working instructors such as Ted Stobbie, John Salter and Brian Gonzalez at the helm.

Medal Results:

Kids Gold (2 divisions)- Josh (Yellow Belt)

Kids Silver- Diego (White Belt)

Kids Gold- Gian San Mateo (White Belt)

Kids Bronze- Isabella Sandrel

Kids Silver- Seline Gage

Kids Bronze- Ocean Granada

Adult Bronze- Tamara Gonzalez (White Belt)

Adult Silver- Celeste Gage (Competed as a Blue Belt)

Adult Silver- Abel Santos (Purple Belt)

Adult Bronze- Victor Cervantes (Blue Belt)

Adult Silver- Marc De La Cruz (Brown Belt)

Adult Gold- Rodney Fronce (Blue Belt)

Adult Gold- Raphael Mendoza (Blue Belt)

Adult Silver- Brian Gonzalez (Brown Belt)

Marty Garabedian

Dethrone Base Camp


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