16 Medals for Dethrone BJJ Competition Team

1 Apr

Grapplers X


Grapplers X was held this past Sunday at Clovis West High School, with around 20 competitors representing Dethrone Base Camp. The tournament consisted of three brackets with the kids, women’s and adult divisions.

With 16 medals, the competition team continues to get bigger and better under coaches Brian Gonzalez, John Salter and Celeste Gage who started the women’s competition team.

 Interview with Coach Brian Gonzalez below:

DBC: What are some changes you’ve noticed in the morning classes since you took over the program?

BG– The morning classes are getting more variety of colored belts now. I’m noticing an improvement in their learning curve as well. When you take my morning class you’ll get plenty of drilling with technique and open mat rolls. I always encourage my students to ask questions, especially those who are just starting.

DBC: The gym just added the Women’s BJJ program, you’re also teaching classes on Sunday, how’s that working out?

BG– The girls are now competing and starting to medal, which goes to show how quickly they grasp BJJ. They continue to show vast improvements as well, we’re looking to keep the program growing and bring more women in to learn and possibly compete. One thing I like to point out, like the morning classes, when you come and roll here…there isn’t any ego issues.

DBC- Thoughts on Grapplers X?

BG– Overall it was a pretty good showing, we brought home around 16 medals. Everyone put forth a great effort, and were as prepared as possible.



Women’s Division:







Adult Division:




John-1st; also competed and placed 1st in the Absolute division



Kids Division:








Also competed; Jane, Jashan, and AJ.


Marty Garabedian

Dethrone Base Camp

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